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What is the meaning of allows in Hindi?

Meaning of allows in Hindi is : इजाज़त देना

Definition of word allows

  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of allow. (verb)

Examples of word allows

  • But it also allows another kind of “wellness program” that  allows employers to penalize people who can’t satisfy a “standard that is related to a health status factor.”
  • Here's what I think: The ambiguity of the term allows for it to be applied universally.
  • Do not apply a product on kittens or puppies unless the label allows for it.
  • The designation allows for indefinite detention without charge or trial of foreign nationals pending deportation, but Mahjoub argues he would be tortured if sent back to Egypt.
  • The designation allows some foreigners to seek temporary protection in the United States if they are unable to safely return to their own country.


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