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What is the meaning of allure in Hindi?

Meaning of allure in Hindi is : लुभाना

Definition of word allure

  • The power to attract, entice; the quality causing attraction. (noun)
  • gait; bearing (noun)
  • To entice; to attract. (verb)
  • Examples of word allure

    • Sure, I know generally what I'm going to get if I'm opening merlot vs. zinfandel vs. riesling, but the allure is the exploration and discovery, isn't it?
    • Part of the allure is the prospect of the small-market, unadorned Kings actually overthrowing the high-wattage champions.
    • For those who have, with few exceptions, the allure is mystical.
    • #3: Mort by Terry Pratchett - While stories involving death do hold a certain allure with me, this was the first novel I had read involving Death.
    • It's the main allure of home video shopping for me, getting to see bits of the movie that didn't make it into the final cut.


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