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What is the meaning of almanac in Hindi?

Meaning of almanac in Hindi is : प‌ंचाग

Definition of word almanac

  • A book or table listing nautical, astronomical, astrological or other events for the year; sometimes, but not essentially, containing historical and statistical information. (noun)

Examples of word almanac

  • If you would like a guide to other documents available from this almanac information server, send the following one-line message to almanac@. esusda.gov: send ace-catalog
  • And when someone said, as they always did and still do at this time of year, "I heard the almanac is predicting a lot of snow this winter," I would always say, "Which almanac?"
  • I wonder if anybody on Wall Street has a sports almanac from the future hanging out of their back pocket?
  • A constellation in Hindu almanac is also named after Trishanku.
  • Producers realized that casting only hot chicks in a video game related story is the same as being given a sports almanac from the future.
  • Bibliodyssey blog (which recently published a wonderful book about wonderful old books!) has a post up today with scans of a geomantic almanac from the mid-1500s:
  • This popular electronic almanac is the perfect English-language primer about Mexican history.
  • It is of little moment to know whether we have the word almanac from the ancient Saxons, who could not write, or from the Arabs, who are known to have been astronomers, and to have had some acquaintance with the courses of the planets, while the western nations were still wrapped in an ignorance as great as their barbarism.