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What is the meaning of alphabet in Hindi?

Meaning of alphabet in Hindi is : सरगम

Definition of word alphabet

  • The set of letters used when writing in a language. (noun)
  • A writing system in which letters represent phonemes. (Contrast e.g. logography, a writing system in which each character represents a word, and syllabary, in which each character represents a syllable.) (noun)
  • A typically finite set of distinguishable symbols. (noun)
  • One particular letter used in writing a language. (noun)
  • To designate by the letters of the alphabet; to arrange alphabetically. (verb)

Examples of word alphabet

  • The term alphabet is explained by the fact that the alphabetical name of the note was attached to each slide.
  • Draftsman Scott Teplin has released a series of limited color prints of an imaginary city where every letter of the alphabet is an architectural drawing of a building.
  • As McLimans says in the introduction, In a way, this alphabet is a return to picture writing.
  • And when I can't fall asleep, I play what I call the alphabet game.
  • The pronunciation of detailed and complex Chinese characters must be memorized, rather than sounded out like words in alphabet-based languages.


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