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What is the meaning of alphanumeric in Hindi?

Meaning of alphanumeric in Hindi is :

Definition of word alphanumeric

  • Consisting of letters and numbers, especially the characters A to Z (lowercase and uppercase) and 0 to 9 (adjective)
  • Consisting of these characters plus punctuation and other special characters (adjective)
  • An alphanumeric character. (noun)

Examples of word alphanumeric

  • "Unearthed" allegedly focuses on a young girl who is pronounced dead, and when she's taken off of life support, she "wakes up screaming in alphanumeric code."
  • The Internet is going to do a lot more to change performance-based poetry, include the necessarily performance - or video-based poets of American Sign Language, than to change the kind of poems I write and (mostly) read, shortish works in alphanumeric script in Western languages, created for silent reading on the page.
  • The unique identifier, called a alphanumeric characters, such as, for example, uuid: 4CD7E4BC-648B-426D-9936-443EAAC8AI.
  • The keys on a computer keyboard can be classified as alphanumeric keys (letters and numbers), punctuation keys (comma, period, semicolon, etc.), and special keys (function keys, control keys, arrow keys, Caps Lock key, etc.).
  • In fact, keys such as alphanumeric keys are not supposed to be used as modifier keys.


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