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What is the meaning of ambassadorial in Hindi?

Meaning of ambassadorial in Hindi is : राजदूत संबंधी

Definition of word ambassadorial

  • Of or pertaining to an ambassador. (adjective)

Examples of word ambassadorial

  • All the same, he understood that his long tenure brought with it certain ambassadorial obligations from time to time.
  • (Washington, DC) President Clinton named three senior Foreign Service officers to key Latin American ambassadorial posts today, announcing his intention to nominate John Maisto to be Ambassador to Nicaragua, James Cheek to be Ambassador to Argentina, and William Pryce to be Ambassador to Honduras.
  • One extremely speculative explanation for why you wouldn’t want to appoint him would be that it might look weird to have two retired generals in ambassadorial positions in both Iraq and Afghanistan (although being a general in an overseas command during the last 15 years has frequently required a massive diplomatic component).
  • I'm staunchly myself, yet I seem to have a kind of ambassadorial quality and ease with talking to folks who would not like any of my "labels."
  • I’m ready for a short-term ambassadorial appointment. —


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