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What is the meaning of amend in Hindi?

Meaning of amend in Hindi is : स‌ंशोधन करना

Definition of word amend

  • To make better. (verb)
  • To become better. (verb)
  • To heal (someone sick); to cure (a disease etc.). (verb)
  • To make a formal alteration in legislation by adding, deleting, or rephrasing. (verb)

Examples of word amend

  • Care should be exercised in wording the sections providing for amending the constitution, etc., to avoid such tautology as ”amend, or add to, or repeal, ” or ”alter or amend, ” or ”amend or in any way change.
  • Let the reform begin .... amend, fix, add to, subtract from, but let the reform of health care begin.
  • _ -- The legitimate use of a motion to amend is to correct or improve the original motion or resolution; but a motion properly before an assembly may be altered in _any_ way; even so as to turn it entirely from its original purpose, unless some rule or law shall exist to prevent this subversion.
  • God at all, -- he pledges himself to give up his bad habits; to repent and amend, which is just what he has no mind to do.
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