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What is the meaning of amiability in Hindi?

Meaning of amiability in Hindi is : स्नेह

Definition of word amiability

  • A cheerful and friendly disposition; approachable. (noun)

Examples of word amiability

  • The rage of Cuttikins at this interruption was considerable; he looked at me as if he could have eaten me raw, and remarked with a concentrated spleen, 'Well, I must say, never did I see any human being so improved in amiability as you are.
  • But without a doubt, the main reason for his amiability was the immense improvement that had taken place in Purdy: it was noticeable even as the latter entered the drawing-room.
  • Love is a terrible thing -- quite different from amiability, which is sometimes confused with it.
  • "It is not to be called amiability, it is her duty; a slave does not dictate to a master."
  • The amiability is the author's and it is the amiability of the measured Augustan, who sees life steadily, sees it whole and gets a jolly good laugh out of it.
  • My amiability, which is in many cases the result of indifference; my indulgency, which is sincere enough, and is due to the fact that I see clearly how unjust men are to one another; my conscientious habits, which afford me real pleasure, and my infinite capacity for enduring ennui, attributable perhaps to my having been so well inoculated by ennui during my youth that it has never taken since, are all to be explained by the circle in which I lived, and the profound impressions which I received.
  • That the situation could have been allowed to reach such a point in Brazil, the country of "amiability" and "non-violence in politics" should prompt any leaders not yet entirely blinded by the "battle against subversion" to try to save their country's reputation.
  • The mere absence of rocks gave the soil a kind of amiability and generosity, and the absence of natural boundaries gave the spirit a wider range.
  • It should be noted here that one of the bitterest of tongues could not help doing homage to Oscar Wilde's "amiability": Whistler even preferred to call him "amiable and irresponsible" rather than give his plagiarism a harsher attribute.