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What is the meaning of amount in Hindi?

Meaning of amount in Hindi is : राशि

Definition of word amount

  • The total, aggregate or sum of material (not applicable to discrete numbers or units or items in standard English). (noun)
  • A quantity or volume. (noun)
  • The number (the sum) of elements in a set. (noun)
  • To total or evaluate. (verb)
  • To be the same as or equivalent to. (verb)

Examples of word amount

  • Upon a careful examination of my pockets, I find that I have not that amount _nor any other amount_ about my person.
  • Hesitant ever, she dared not name any amount of the Lord, but that ever present Spirit of God guided her heart, made her _fix the amount_, and then touched the heart of the stranger and fixed the amount also in his mind, and then, by his own guidance saved the letter from being lost, and behold! when opened the _prayer of the one and the gift of the other was the same_.
  • It will display the amount and halt the program ... echo "amount: $amount"; exit;
  • When ( "user requests a $amount user license") do | amount | pending "Need to complete implementation for accessing C# object" end When ( "this does not include support") do pending
  • Observations and experiments on decaying wood have been made, showing that the amount of heat developed by the combustion of a mass of wood, though much more intense for a time, is the same in _amount_ as that which is set free by the slower process of re-oxidation by gradual decay; both being the equivalent of the amount absorbed by the leaves from the sun, in the process of deoxidizing the carbon and hydrogen when the wood was formed.


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