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What is the meaning of amuck in Hindi?

Meaning of amuck in Hindi is : हिंसोन्माद

Definition of word amuck

  • In a frantic or frenzied and violent manner; in a confused, jumbled or uncontrolled state. (adverb)

Examples of word amuck

  • I think they are counting on the press and the distracted public to see "partisanship" running amuck, which is how the Republicans have already positioned themselves for the '06 elections.
  • What "amuck" we've run since needs much more space than I have here.
  • I fancied for awhile that one of their number must have run "amuck," and the rest meant to send him to slumber.
  • The claims, filed in Delaware Chancery Court, allege that recent developments at News of the World in the U.K. demonstrate "a culture run amuck within News Corp. and a Board that provides no effective review or oversight."
  • He has run amuck, harassing Latinos while generating lawsuits, investigations, and the ire of the Hispanic community.


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