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What is the meaning of amusement in Hindi?

Meaning of amusement in Hindi is : सुख

Definition of word amusement

  • Entertainment (noun)
  • An activity that is entertaining or amusing, such as dancing, gunning, and fishing. (noun)

Examples of word amusement

    • a diary, because it is the fashion -- a reason why _I_ should not; some because it is _blue_, but I am not _blue_, only a _blue devil_; some for their amusement, -- _amusement_!! alas! alas! and some that they may remember, -- and I that I may forget, O! would it were possible.
    • To my amusement is the rather strange attitude of Trek watchers vs DS9 & the Xindi storyline.
    • What would we do without humorless, misanthropic, pseudo-intellectuals to scrutinize websites that exist solely for entertainment value and tell us whether or not our amusement is academically and historically justified?
    • Yes; and this I term amusement, when doing neither harm nor good in any degree worth speaking of.
    • It's obvious that the author was having lots of fun writing the story and that amusement is easily infectious.


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