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What is the meaning of anaemia in Hindi?

Meaning of anaemia in Hindi is : रक्ताल्पता

Definition of word anaemia

  • Alternative spelling of anemia. (noun)

Examples of word anaemia

  • In collaboration with C.W. Hooper and Mrs. Robscheit-Robbins, he did experiments on short-term anaemia in dogs due to loss of blood, and further work was done on this subject and on diets consisting of liver in relation to the regeneration of blood.
  • Previous published work from a number of chorts in resource-limited settings has suggested that anaemia, which is not responsive to antibiotics, is a major risk factor for death in people with advanced HIV disease.
  • Low RBC counts is call anaemia (or anemia if ur american), and it generally not a problem unless it gets very very low.
  • A large number of patients with heart failure also have anaemia, which is most likely a complication from poor heart function.
  • Low levels of iron lead to anaemia which is a major health problem in many parts of eastern Africa, particularly for women.


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