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What is the meaning of analects in Hindi?

Meaning of analects in Hindi is : सूक्‍ति संग्रह

Definition of word analects

  • A collection of excerpts or quotes. (noun)

Examples of word analects

  • A religous sect that hold the analects of PNB as the literal truth & word of Dog.
  • The Histories and historical anecdotes, analects, and acroamata, in which the names, when not used achronistically by the editor or copier, give unerring data for the earliest date à quo and which, by the mode of treatment, suggest the latest.
  • And even these are not allowed to pall upon the mental palate, being mingled with anecdotes and short tales, such as the Hermits (iii. 125), with biographical or literary episodes, acroamata, table-talk and analects where humorous Rabelaisian anecdote finds a place; in fact the fabliau or novella.
  • These are the opening lines of the analects of Confucius.
  • Hara could close his eyes and picture the old man, white-haired and erect as he sat reciting analects of Confucious before the family altar, which housed the tablets of his ancestors and his lord.
  • 'I think I'll have a pee,' said Boyer, 'but remember what I say about the analects.
  • The sayings of Confucius analects, I believe they are really.
  • The following are extracts from the analects of Confucius: --
  • Masabumi lectured on the analects and Urabe Kanetomo expounded the standard literature of the East.