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What is the meaning of analog in Hindi?

Meaning of analog in Hindi is : समधर्मी

Definition of word analog

  • in which the value of a data item (such as time) is represented by a continuously variable physical quantity that can be measured (such as the shadow of a sundial) (adjective)
  • something that bears an analogy to something else (noun)
  • an organ or structure that is similar in function to one in another kind of organism but is of dissimilar evolutionary origin (noun)
  • a structural derivative of a parent compound that often differs from it by a single element (noun)

Examples of word analog

  • KR: The word 'analog' represents something antiquated, original, and undeniably human.
  • Back then, everything was recorded in analog, and it made it all have slight distortions here and there, and it sounded very raw and gritty.
  • The above is going to require cable companies to either continue to transmit broadcast channels in analog or provide cable boxes to those customers like myself.
  • This has been true in analog times — the relationship between library and writer is a paragon of consumerism — and is even more pronounced in our digital environment.
  • Maybe the evolutionary analog is becoming upright and bipedal, and gaining the ability to move forward.


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