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What is the meaning of analyse in Hindi?

Meaning of analyse in Hindi is : सुक्षमता से परीक्षण करना

Definition of word analyse

  • To subject to analysis. (verb)
  • To resolve (anything complex) into its elements. (verb)
  • To separate into the constituent parts, for the purpose of an examination of each separately. (verb)
  • To examine in such a manner as to ascertain the elements or nature of the thing examined; as, to analyse a fossil substance, to analyse a sentence or a word, or to analyse an action to ascertain its morality. (verb)

Examples of word analyse

  • A name, therefore, whether concrete or abstract, admits of definition, provided we are able to analyse, that is, to distinguish into parts, the attribute or set of attributes which constitute the meaning both of the concrete name and of the corresponding abstract: if a set of attributes, by enumerating them; if a single attribute, by dissecting the fact or phenomenon (whether of perception or of internal consciousness) which is the foundation of the attribute.
  • You know all about this betrayal but prefer not to 'analyse' it.
  • My problem is that, while I always check things in one of these above manners, I often work too fast and forget to "analyse" things.
  • Some felt it important to maintain a spelling link between related words, such as analyse and analyst.
  • [4] The Vulgate renders here, _cupio dissolvi_, as if _analysai_ meant, so to speak, to "analyse" myself into my elements, to separate my soul from my body.


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