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What is the meaning of anarchic in Hindi?

Meaning of anarchic in Hindi is : अराजक

Definition of word anarchic

  • Relating to, supporting, or likely to cause anarchy. (adjective)

Examples of word anarchic

  • East, perhaps from the core hidden in anarchic theories of the resolution of good and evil in a higher unity.
  • She was referring to the anarchic Horn of Africa country where the U.N. says 250,000 still live in famine conditions due to drought and conflict and a total of 4 million need aid.
  • 4 = The fight to extend democracy to peoples remaining under tyranny or in anarchic failed states
  • Police intervened Tuesday at the Buduburam camp, near Accra, because of what Nana Obiri Boahene, a minister of state at the interior ministry, described as anarchic conditions.
  • This condition is known as anarchic hand: people experience a conflict between their declared will and the action of one of their hands.
  • He said the situation at schools could be described as anarchic with pupils arriving throughout the course of the morning.
  • The organization of an army of workers and peasants also seemed very difficult to a people who had been called anarchic and without sense of order by their detractors.
  • A film based on his autobiography, Hooleygan: Music, Mayhem, Good Vibrations - described as "anarchic, dishevelled and hugely entertaining" - is scheduled to begin production later this year.
  • In the 1990s, so-called anarchic logging was the problem.