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What is the meaning of anathema in Hindi?

Meaning of anathema in Hindi is : चर्च द्वारा धर्म बहिष्कार

Definition of word anathema

  • A ban or curse pronounced with religious solemnity by ecclesiastical authority, often accompanied by excommunication; denunciation of anything as accursed. (noun)

Examples of word anathema

  • Of course (he says self-servingly) the No Spin Zone rejects predictability entirely and lives to ask questions that require actual thought, a word anathema to most politicians in this age of spin.
  • I'm just excited I used the word anathema in a sentence!
  • The word anathema frequently occurs in St. Paul's writings, and is generally translated accused.
  • A solemn anathema is pronounced against Nestorius and Eutyches; against all heretics by whom Christ is divided, or confounded, or reduced to a phantom.
  • So across the political spectrum, for anyone thinking in essentialist terms, the mores render the word anathema from both directions.
  • The word is anathema to conservative or middle-of-the-road politicians in most countries, who see in it a radical and perhaps exaggerated voice.
  • Even lifestyle choices like driving a small car, carpooling and living in the vicinity of where we work are largely anathema, which is why I'm not the least bit shocked by the Lexus LS 600h L.
  • Curse Alviarin and that triply cursed proclamation calling anathema on anyone who approached him save through the Tower.
  • The Greek word anathema, Hebrew herem, means to accurse, execrate, to damn.