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What is the meaning of ancestors in Hindi?

Meaning of ancestors in Hindi is : पूर्वज

Definition of word ancestors

  • Plural form of ancestor. (noun)

Examples of word ancestors

  • But being proud of who you are and your ancestors is a personal issue, and the government should stay out of, and so should everyone else.
  • And that the children of the unwanted should be those that returned to the old world in convoys and troops ships to liberate Italy and France and Holland and the countries which didn't want their ancestors is an idea that's almost Shakespearean.
  • To justify the imprecations of vengeance upon the sinner's posterity, the sin of his ancestors is here brought into the account (v. 14, 15), the iniquity of his fathers and the sin of his mother.
  • But she was ever a careless child, and honored not her ancestors from the time the Beaver, son of the son of Zing-ha, first cast eyes upon her.
  • One of their ancestors is Lakeridge Charlemagne, for example.
  • The real work of global abolition, a pledge written in the blood of our ancestors, is a complex struggle.
  • For some persons of indigenous ancestry the judicial receptivity to the right to be consulted, money damages and practicing the occasional hunting or fishing technique as did their ancestors, is a bird in the hand.
  • My own connection with ancestors is one of my most treasured relationships – it is always my sense that, to the best of their abilities, they are looking out for us.