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What is the meaning of ancient in Hindi?

Meaning of ancient in Hindi is : सनातन का

Definition of word ancient

  • Having lasted from a remote period; having been of long duration; of great age; very old. (adjective)
  • Existent or occurring in time long past, usually in remote ages; belonging to or associated with antiquity; old, as opposed to modern. (adjective)
  • A person who is very old or who lived in ancient times. (noun)
  • A flag, banner, standard or ensign. (noun)

Examples of word ancient

  • "_All magistrates, who have been_ unjustly turned out, shall _forthwith resume their former_ employments; as well as all the boroughs of England shall return again to _their ancient prescriptions and charters_, and, more particularly, that _the ancient_ charter of the great and famous city of London shall again be in force; and that the writs for the members of Parliament shall be addressed to the _proper officers, according to law and custom_."
  • II. i.286 (46,8) [This ancient morsel] For _morsel_ Dr. Warburton reads _ancient moral_, very elegantly and judiciously, yet I know not whether the author might not write _morsel_, as we say a _piece of a man_.
  • The term ancient Greece refers to the period of Greek history lasting from the Greek Dark Ages ca. 1100 BC and the Dorian invasion, to 146 BC and the Roman conquest of Greece after the Battle of Corinth.
  • PHILLIPS: However, Dahn yoga claims its treatments are not quote, hocus pocus, but based on what it calls ancient wisdom.
  • PHILLIPS: However, Dahn Yoga claims its treatments are not, "hocus pocus" but based on what it calls ancient wisdom.


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