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What is the meaning of andand in Hindi?

Meaning of andand in Hindi is :

Definition of word andand

Examples of word andand

  • Just try to go fishing with a cell phone never fails --- wife calls andand you miss the bite of the day!! (makes ya want to drop it over the side don't it?) 0 Good Comment?
  • They both repeat the Obama/Osama crap, andand the "madrassa" charges.
  • As someone said, the theater was full by 6:50 andand my wife and I also had to sit in the very front we got there at 6:30 because it was a very small theater with roughly half of the stadium seating reserved for press.
  • That is they have to stop drinking, they have to stop taking drugs and boozing, andand whites do it, too!
  • FALLS OF CHAIR …. starts crying andand washing hands with tears im not pure im not pure im not pure prion
  • They will resentany Democratic party mandate for changing things over from their still stubbornly held-on-to nostrums about feeding the rich with more giveaways, continuing the old fossil-fuel-drivenAmerican 'dream' that has as its goals more militarism andand more trickle downeconomics as the answer to ournational ccelerate as a result of the impending 2008 election defeat.
  • I want to be your houseguest and go to Portsmouth and climb around and go on a ferry ride....andand and and and.
  • He talked about some place called Halla andand what did he call them?