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What is the meaning of andthey in Hindi?

Meaning of andthey in Hindi is :

Definition of word andthey

Examples of word andthey

  • Most of her friends are in the industry andthey share information about discounts and sample sales.
  • (However unprepared they are.) The manager said to give them until 7-7: 30pm (andthey plan on beingopen until at least past Midnight.) Oh - and German TV is coming by around 6pm to film.
  • The sting from one of these daft-looking things will killyou in less than three minutes andthey have been responsible for almost six thousand human fatalities since 1954.
  • They ran a negative campaign believing she was pre-ordained to win; they neglected, at their cost, independents and young voters, andthey placed little importance on caucusses.
  • A high percentage of their investmetns were tax shelters andthey are featured in the 2003 and 2005 Senate reports on abusive tax shelter promotion.


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