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What is the meaning of andwhether in Hindi?

Meaning of andwhether in Hindi is :

Definition of word andwhether

Examples of word andwhether

  • Theyask about my family andwhether or not I have a boyfriend; they ask about my brother and the sports I love; they askabout my interests and what type of shoes I like best.
  • The regulations take effect on March 1 and companies have 45 days inwhich to complete and submit to the government a form that gives the names, nationality and identity details of their shareholders, andwhether they are "indigenous" or
  • Stumbling blocks remaining are a recovery of Greek property in the north, return of refugees andwhether some Turkish troops should remain on the island.
  • That depends on the trade you're transferring from, the trade you're transferring to, your RCMO and support staff actually giving a sh it, andwhether you are prepared to jump through all the necessary hoops to get what you want.
  • "It is currently difficult to sayhow much each of these factors contributed to the weaker order activity andwhether that weakness is indicative of any longer-term trend."
  • I’d be interested to hear where this association between teeth and ambition comes from, andwhether it crops up in any other languages.