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What is the meaning of anesthesiology in Hindi?

Meaning of anesthesiology in Hindi is :

Definition of word anesthesiology

  • Alternative spelling of anaesthesiology. (noun)

Examples of word anesthesiology

  • Completion of the core residency in anesthesiology that qualifies the candidate to enter the certification process of the American Board of Anesthesiology or its equivalent.
  • “The art and science of anesthesiology is choosing the right dose,” explained Liem.
  • Prosecutors are expected to conclude their portion of the case by calling anesthesiology professor and researcher Dr. Steven Shafer, a leading expert on propofol.
  • Physicians who back the AMA's position were more likely to be younger, male practice owners in nonmedical or nonsurgical specialties such as anesthesiology, pathology, or radiology, fields that typically involve less patient interaction.
  • As a result, anesthesiology is much safer than it used to be.


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