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What is the meaning of angel in Hindi?

Meaning of angel in Hindi is : स्वर्ग दूत

Definition of word angel

  • A divine and supernatural messenger from a deity, or other divine entity. (noun)
  • The lowest order of angels, below virtues. (noun)
  • A selfless person. (noun)
  • An altitude, measured in thousands of feet. (noun)
  • An affluent individual who provides capital for a startup, usually in exchange for convertible debt or ownership equity. (noun)
  • To support by donating money. (verb)

Examples of word angel

  • Also incidentally, Switters had once been under the impression that the term angel, as applied to certain evolved mavericks within the CIA, was an entirely ironic reference to a dopey book by the evangelist Billy Graham, entitled Angels: God's Secret Agents.
  • Matthew and John use the term angel, but Mark and Luke speak of one “dressed in a white garment.”
  • While the angel is a thrill of no trivial dimension, she's also a tip-off to Kushner's billowing excesses.
  • His lips would twist like he tasted something pickle-sour every time he said the word angel.
  • “Are you a—” Taruna hesitated to use the word angel.


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