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What is the meaning of anger in Hindi?

Meaning of anger in Hindi is : रोष

Definition of word anger

  • A strong feeling of displeasure, hostility or antagonism towards someone or something, usually combined with an urge to harm. (noun)
  • To cause such a feeling of antagonism. (verb)

Examples of word anger

    • Of course, a lot of things get said in anger just to lash out and hurt the person at whom the anger is directed.
    • Hopefully it will spark some more balanced debate, as a professor denied tenure and apparently writing in anger is maybe not the best judge.
    • In addition, we purposely made the title anger and enrage the disbelievers.
    • We are entitled to our anger in response to this oppression: our anger is a message to ourselves that we need to get active and change something in order to survive.
    • But a chance encounter with Buddhism shows him the anger is his alone, and never serves any good purpose anyway.
    • As much as conservatives would like to believe that all this anger is about national politics and conservative principles.
    • At some level this anger is an attempt at intimidation for Democrats to back off their agenda, but at heart it is the product of a poor education.
    • So some of the anger is at him and some at the world, but how do we handle it together?