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What is the meaning of angle in Hindi?

Meaning of angle in Hindi is : विशेष दृष्टिकोण से प्रस्तुत करना

Definition of word angle

  • To try to catch fish with a hook and line. (verb)
  • A figure formed by two rays which start from a common point (a plane angle) or by three planes that intersect (a solid angle). (noun)

Examples of word angle

    • We agree to the statement that 'each object has a particular reflecting surface of its own,' as we cannot see how _its_ particular surface could be the property of another, -- but why this should make the surface 'throw back light at its own angle' we do not exactly fathom, and we are puzzled to know _which is the owner of the said angle_, the light or the surface.
    • The angle which marks the limit beyond which total reflection takes place is called the _limiting angle_ (it is marked in fig. 6 by the strong line E _n_ '').
    • I'll write about "shooting blind" sometime soon to explain how this angle is accomplished.
    • And also the one below it, there are barely any more ships like that still around and the camera angle is a little difficult.
    • Because the next most important angle to the right angle is the two-thirds of a right angle; that is, the angle of an equilateral triangle.
    • Larger, heavier bullets buck wind better and they make up for an unforseen slight change in angle that makes that perfect shot an imperfect one.
    • Only the stuff with a potentially diabolical angle is interesting?
    • This new main angle appears to be from my old seat in the East Lower, next to a bloke who swore like a trooper, had questionable politics and a faint whiff of onions.