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What is the meaning of angling in Hindi?

Meaning of angling in Hindi is : मछली पकड़ना

Definition of word angling

  • Present participle of angle. (verb)
  • a form of fishing, with a rod, line and angle (hook) for recreation or sport (noun)

Examples of word angling

    • One of the most perplexing things in all of angling is how fish see and respond to color.
    • Instead, my sister would tell me stories about the bear in the ceiling – there was proof of his existence, you could see the crack angling from the doorway to halfway across the room – who would become restless and crash down on us if I kept talking and he heard me.
    • An American book on angling is a novelty, and yet America has "thousands of brooks, creeks, rivers, lakes, bays, and inlets" which "abound in game-fish."
    • "Blackwood's Magazine, an important landmark in English angling literature."
    • There is also a visual timeline that highlights great milestones in angling history (e.g. Kim Bain-Moore, the first woman to compete in the Bassmaster Classic, other historic Team Evinrude moments, Ole Evinrude’s invention of the outboard motor in 1909, etc.).


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