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What is the meaning of angry in Hindi?

Meaning of angry in Hindi is : सदोष

Definition of word angry

  • Displaying or feeling anger. (adjective)
    गुस्सा दिखाना या महसूस करना।

Examples of word angry

  • That man would be angry, _angry_ if he came and found her gone!
  • -- I am glad it made you laugh for Somebody told me in Greece that you was angry, and I was sorry, as you were perhaps the only person whom I did _not_ want to _make angry_.
  • Despite all this, I've spent my life fighting the label angry black woman because it's a handy way to put a black woman down, modern-day shorthand for telling her not to have ideas above her station.
  • Murdoch flies into London later this week on a scheduled visit at a time of turmoil for Britain's best-selling newspaper, with journalists on the title angry at News Corp's powerful management and standards committee MSC, whose reconstruction and trawl of the company's email archive produced the evidence that led to the arrests.
  • I use the term angry, but it's a tool and you can use it as a tool.
  • Clary glared at him, but he was looking past her, his expression angry and pained.
  • One, he gives new meaning to the term angry, white male.
  • That's the term angry business owners have started using when they feel unfairly criticized on the popular review site.
  • Also, what I call angry shoes: those platforms with the multiple buckles and studs.