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What is the meaning of anguished in Hindi?

Meaning of anguished in Hindi is : मनोवेदना से भरा

Definition of word anguished

  • Simple past tense and past participle of anguish. (verb)
  • Experiencing extreme discomfort or discontent. (adjective)

Examples of word anguished

    • His expression anguished, he rested one hand on her head, the other tightly covering her nape, guiding her head back.
    • If we are all ‘artists-as-citizens’, and we go about our days perceiving that unique, vast ‘picture’ of our own description, then we will have always lived as artists, here, in anguished times!
    • Now, each time she calls her anguished daughter " You sweet girl, " your flesh crawls, just as it ' s supposed to.
    • As Paul says, all creation groans in anguished anticipation of the day when God's glory will transfigure all things.
    • The king’s tracer tossed and turned, his expression anguished.


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