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What is the meaning of animate in Hindi?

Meaning of animate in Hindi is : साहस देना

Definition of word animate

  • That which lives. (adjective)
  • To impart motion or the appearance of motion to. (verb)

Examples of word animate

    • RegRead, Animate, HKCU, Control PanelDesktopWindowMetrics, MinAnimate outputdebug animate is currently set to % animate%
    • Early vampires were portrayed as demons walking in animate dead corpses.
    • He and it are both appropriate, as in animate objects have zero feeling either.
    • Language, however, even if one imagines it as a certain animate creature (which would only be just), is not capable of ethical choice.
    • Between a stone, which is part of the body of the earth, and a leaf which is part of the body of a plant, and a lock of hair which is part of the body of a man, there may be certain unimportant chemical differences, justifying us in using the terms animate and inanimate.
    • We are faced with a "universe," then, made up entirely of living souls, manifested in so-called animate, or so-called inanimate bodies.
    • Some of these souls possess what we name animate bodies, others possess what we name inanimate bodies.
    • Unlike other jQuery functions, animations are automatically queued, so if you want to run a second animation once the first is finished then just call the animate method twice, no callback necessary.
    • For example, humans certainly seem to have an innate facility with the concepts of numbers, with mental representations of the idea of animate agents, with the concept that the world is composed (in some way) of discrete objects, etc.
    • Another way to animate is to use your 3D application's built-in physics engines, such as when your scene requires that objects fall.