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What is the meaning of animating in Hindi?

Meaning of animating in Hindi is : जीवन देने वाला

Definition of word animating

  • Present participle of animate. (verb)

Examples of word animating

  • Walt Disney has done devilishly well in animating evil incarnate at the climax of the film.
  • The creative ad shows ground people animating from the sky.
  • Particularly animating is the locust simile, with its vivid specificity — “underground,” “seventeen-year” — and its concreteness (unique in this argument about abstractions).
  • It also appears at the Stella Artois website, where clips and credits for the whole award-winning series (click the advertising link) are archived, and at Glassworks, who did remarkable work in animating the aerial dogfights and smoke.
  • Should I succeed in animating it, Life and Death would appear to me as ideal bounds, which I shall break through and pour a torrent of light into our dark world.
  • Hopeless, and almost desperate, twenty times have I flung away my pen; – but the feelings of a mother, a mother agonizing for the fate of her child, again animating my courage, as often I have resumed it.