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What is the meaning of aniseed in Hindi?

Meaning of aniseed in Hindi is : सौंफ के बीज

Definition of word aniseed

  • The seed-like fruit of the anise, used in baking and in the flavouring of liqueurs such as ouzo. (noun)

Examples of word aniseed

  • He'd soak small pieces of meat in aniseed oil and stick them in his pockets.
  • Meditatively I smoke a cigarette and sip a pale greenish liquor smelling strongly of aniseed, which isn't half so interesting as a commonplace whiskey and soda, but which, I am told, has the recommendation of being ten times as wicked.
  • A friend of mine recntly made one of these, but with some kind of aniseed liqueur? in it.
  • The manufacturers suspect it is because they contain aniseed which is also apparently a key ingredient of Tamiflu.