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What is the meaning of annal in Hindi?

Meaning of annal in Hindi is :

Definition of word annal

  • The record of a single event or item. In deathless annal. --Young. (noun)
  • See annals. (noun)

Examples of word annal

    • And with my impeccable timing we arrived a week BEFORE his annal sale - but Bob made us to home nonetheless.
    • I suppose if I just went through the game quickly I'd finish more of them, but I have this mentality with RPGs that I must explore every annal and do everything and take on all the sidequests and get the proper girlfriend and all of those such things, and it's either that I get overwhelmed, or am loath to actually finish something after putting all that work in.
    • I know Scotia is annal about recording those numbers when you buy physical silver so why don't banks give you the serial numbers associated to certificates, or at least a list of all the bars they hold backing the certificates
    • That movie is in aramean, all part of it are based on very old original relique of scriptures, also the part where the wife of the governor order a jewish woman to weep off the blood of Christ with precious drapery for her, it is part of the annal an darchive about what we have of historical documents for what happened.
    • You get a bit more than a paragraph in Bede and a line in an annal.


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