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What is the meaning of annex in Hindi?

Meaning of annex in Hindi is : हड़प लेना

Definition of word annex

  • An addition, an extension. (noun)
  • To add something to another, to incorporate into. (verb)

Examples of word annex

    • "This is what we call our annex -- the annex to our camp."
    • Two other guest rooms occupy a separate wing, and a fourth is located in the attic of the garage annex, which is connected to the house by a glass passageway.
    • On October 3, the committee suspended publication of the so-called annex bulletin on the Suez situation because of “the preponderance of indications that the UK and France do not intend to resort to force at this time.”
    • While the Fountainebleu apartments sit across from an entrance to the university, it also is operated with a smaller property known as the annex, which doesn't have its own cafeteria, so residents must walk several blocks to the Fountainebleu if they want to eat in a dining facility.
    • The Kyoto Protocol depended heavily on the commitments of the so-called annex one countries who were seen at the time as the biggest polluters.
    • Terry Opdendyk Others are considering so-called annex funds, which are side funds that can provide an extra pool of money.