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What is the meaning of annoyance in Hindi?

Meaning of annoyance in Hindi is : मुसीबत

Definition of word annoyance

  • That which annoys. (noun)
  • An act or instance of annoying. (noun)
  • The psychological state of being annoyed or irritated. (noun)

Examples of word annoyance

  • Following the arbitrary rules of etiquette is a minor short term annoyance, but in the long run it alleviates life's exhausting tendancy for being little more than one damn thing after another.
  • Drivers sometimes honked their horns in annoyance as they slowed down, but there was no indication Tuesday that the speed hump caused the fight between Patton, who lives nearby, and Carr on June 11.
  • The biggest annoyance is that this spastic clutter of a hyperactive, ultra-communicative, check down time-waster is a first ballot Hall of Fame shoe-in.
  • The other intolerable annoyance is his spastic clunkiness.
  • The secret to the Obama annoyance is snotty lecturing.


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