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What is the meaning of annoyed in Hindi?

Meaning of annoyed in Hindi is : नाराज़

Definition of word annoyed

  • Simple past tense and past participle of annoy. (verb)
  • Troubled, irritated by something unwanted or unliked; vexed. (adjective)

Examples of word annoyed

    • The sexual connotations of the word annoyed me because sex, as much as I might enjoy it, has nothing to do with how I skate.
    • Last week, Mr. Surkov said that Russia needed a liberal party to represent the views of what he called the "annoyed urban communities."
    • In a word, Couric just asked the questions, Palin annoyed ALL of us. gl, From Pittsburgh
    • The Obama administration is no more willing to speak to Israel without preconditions than it is Iran, and our self-assumed King is just plain annoyed that they would treat him as a strategic partner — perhaps even a wayward and/or inept one — and not as their master.
    • Fuckin 'annoyed that I missed your reading, I heard all about it after.


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