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What is the meaning of annul in Hindi?

Meaning of annul in Hindi is : रद्द करना/निष्फल करना

Definition of word annul

  • To formally revoke the validity of. (verb)
  • To dissolve (a marital union) on the grounds that it is not valid. (verb)

Examples of word annul

    • While Buckley calmly declares Hefner's out to "annul" the moral code, Hefner attempts to claim he was not rejecting or attacking monogamy, which is quite simply lying.
    • &c. And, in the face of this broad charge, without a blush and without shame, they themselves propose to 'annul' a most solemn compromise here at home, and to 'break down' the "landmarks of policy erected by our fathers," "to reconcile conflicting interests of different sections," and to bring peace and contentment to our people.
    • The liberum veto, which allowed any representative to dissolve the Sejm and even to annul its previous decisions, was applied with growing recklessness in the 17th and 18th cent.
    • Additionally, New Jersey's bill would allow couples to annul a marriage within 30 days without going to court.
    • Oumarou told reporters Wednesday that he has decided against asking Niger's constitutional council to annul the election results.


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