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What is the meaning of annulated in Hindi?

Meaning of annulated in Hindi is : चक्

Definition of word annulated

  • Having rings (adjective)

Examples of word annulated

  • This measure was also immediately annulated and from now on the house will only be locked at 19.00 and the buckets will be provided with covers.
  • Being arch criminals, the insurance executives could act as a super-annulated Peace Corps with a twist.
  • From the sea it looks one dense mass of greenery, in which the bright foliage of the candle-nut relieves the glossy dark green of the breadfruit — a maze of preposterous bananas, out of which rise slender annulated trunks of palms giving their infinite grace to the grove.
  • It is distinguished from the rest of its family by the beauty and singular shape of its horns, which are annulated or ringed, and spirally convoluted or curved together, making two or more turns, according to the age of the animal.
  • And what appeared to us worthy of remark was, that whereas, when a snake was decollated, it was only the tail that continued to wriggle -- when a _worm_ was divided, _all_ the segments writhed in the same way, and manifested an equal irritability; showing the difference between creatures of annulated structure, according as they have or have not a _brain_.


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