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What is the meaning of annulled in Hindi?

Meaning of annulled in Hindi is : मंसूख किया हुआ

Definition of word annulled

  • Simple past tense and past participle of annul. (verb)

Examples of word annulled

  • Penn family, purchased Pittsburgh region from Indians, 39; their title annulled, 39
  • Is the King's hand shortened or his word annulled that a man does as he forbiddeth and leaves undone what he commandeth?
  • Was the sin annulled, because those dear ones had been called away from her, to a better and holier world?
  • The day after a controversial call annulled an apparent goal and left the United States in a 2-2 draw with Slovenia, American Coach Bob Bradley maintained his stance that Maurice Edu's volley should have counted and suggested that referee Koman Coulibaly might have been compensating for an earlier decision.
  • It is the depth that determines the height; and if the valleys are filled up, the mountains disappear: so, if the shadows are effaced, the Light is annulled, which is only visible by the graduated contrast of gloom and splendor, and universal obscurity will be produced by an immense dazzling.


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