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What is the meaning of annulling in Hindi?

Meaning of annulling in Hindi is :

Definition of word annulling

  • Present participle of annul. (verb)

Examples of word annulling

  • Biron! "said the king, thus by a single word annulling all his dignities, and sending him before his proper judges to answer for his treasons.
  • Only if talks break down would we take measures such as annulling them -- we'll annul nothing from the start. "
  • Gbagbo's government has made great use of the national broadcaster since the constitutional council announced his re-election, after annulling as fraudulent nearly 10 percent of all ballots cast.
  • Attorney Mohammed Lamine Faye, who represents the Gbagbo government, says those decisions violate the supremacy of Ivory Coast's constitutional court, which declared Mr. Gbagbo the winner, after annulling as fraudulent nearly ten percent of all ballots cast.
  • Mr. Gbagbo's claim to re-election is based on the constitutional counsel annulling Ouattara votes that it said were fraudulent.


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