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What is the meaning of anomaly in Hindi?

Meaning of anomaly in Hindi is : विषमता

Definition of word anomaly

  • A deviation from a rule or from what is regarded as normal. (noun)
  • Something or someone that is strange or unusual. (noun)
  • Any event or measurement that is out of the ordinary regardless of whether it is exceptional or not. (noun)
  • Any of various angular distances. (noun)
  • A defect or malformation. (noun)
  • A failure of a classical symmetry due to quantum corrections. (noun)
  • An irregularity or disproportion. (noun)

Examples of word anomaly

  • There have been 24 convictions in three years of focused investigation, hence the term anomaly rather than problem.
  • Do I need to explain what the 500 mb height is, or the term anomaly correlation?
  • AUS.IN GOULD, COMMANDER, U.S. COAS. GUARD: What it will enable us to do is identify what we refer to as the anomaly, what's unusual in the port, what doesn't belong.
  • Quarterman declined to offer specifics about what she called an "anomaly," but said officials believed it was not significant enough to require repairs.
  • The Merriam-Webster dictionary provides the following definition for the word anomaly; "something anomalous: something different, abnormal, peculiar, or not easily classified."


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