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What is the meaning of anomic in Hindi?

Meaning of anomic in Hindi is : नामन विकारी

Definition of word anomic

  • Socially disorganized, disoriented or alienated (adjective)

Examples of word anomic

  • By then, as a writer of a later generation, David Foster Wallace, remarked, the “brave new individualism and sexual freedom of the 1960s devolved into anomic self-indulgence” for the so-called Me generation of the 1970s.
  • But what if you could reduce the sense of isolation of millions of old people, provide an army of helpers in schools and hospitals and above all teach our anomic young people that they are part of something big and rather miraculous called British society?
  • These have much in common; they are guides to effective living in our chaotic, anomic society.
  • What does interest me is the question of feeling "atomised" and being adrift in "anomic campuses."
  • It provides us with a common bond and mitigates against the anomic impulse in society.
  • As a convinced Bible-believing Christian I have no problem with recognising that everyone is inherently religious and that without some overarching world-view would slump into what sociologist, Peter Berger calls 'anomic collapse'.
  • But when mega developers began transforming Jersey City's post-industrial waterfront into a real estate "Gold Coast" in the '80s, area pols turned anomic.
  • Suddenly, he was appealing not only to environmentalist Greens and anomic "disaffecteds" -- two groups that helped him score upsets in Maine and Colorado -- but to a broad swatch of America.