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What is the meaning of answer in Hindi?

Meaning of answer in Hindi is : हल

Definition of word answer

  • A response or reply; something said or done in reaction to a statement or question. (noun)
  • A solution to a problem. (noun)
  • A document filed in response to a complaint, responding to each point raised in the complaint and raising counterpoints. (noun)
  • To make a reply or response to. (verb)
  • To respond to a call by someone at a door or telephone, or other similar piece of equipment. (verb)
  • To suit a need or purpose satisfactorily. (verb)
  • To file a document in response to a complaint. (verb)
  • To correspond to; to be in harmony with; to be in agreement with. (verb)

Examples of word answer

  • Gosub, % operator% return add: answer: = aVar + bVar msgbox, % answer% return multiply: answer: = aVar * bVar msgbox, % answer% return
  • If (Operator = "Add") answer: = aVar + bVar msgbox, % answer%
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  • i helpful, there is "=" and ": =" with = you don't use quotes, eg. this = This is GREAT! but how to use vars? put them in \% here\%. but: = works different. you need quotes. this: = "something is here" vars are naked this: = "the answer is" answer gives you the \% answer\%. and not ... the actual answer.
  • "I found them at family prayer, asking the Lord to send them some food; my heart was touched as I listened to the simplicity of the petition, and I could not but feel the Lord had directed my steps to the house in answer to their prayer, and was reminded of that passage of Scripture, '_while they are yet speaking, I will answer_.'


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