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What is the meaning of answerable in Hindi?

Meaning of answerable in Hindi is : ठीक

Definition of word answerable

  • Obliged to answer or be called to account (to somebody); accountable, responsible. (adjective)
    जवाब देने के लिए बाध्य या खाते में बुलाया जाना (किसी को); उत्तरदायी जवाबदेह।

Examples of word answerable

  • Lowth's translation, "He was made answerable," is hardly admitted by the Hebrew. opened not ... mouth -- Jer 11: 19; and David in Ps 38: 13, 14; 39: 9, prefiguring Messiah (Mt 26: 63; 27: 12, 14; 1Pe 2: 23).
  • Besides, the Emperor thought, that this was the only title answerable to its high destination.
  • Either the Police Authorities are "answerable" with elected representatives (even nominees by local authorities), or they are stuffed with apparatchiks.
  • Being 'answerable' to the culture meant, in this context, something like 'giving permission' – as we'd now say – to the artist to raise issues, to give room for voices that might otherwise be suppressed.
  • On the one hand, Christians are 'answerable' to the ambient culture in the sense that they are there not to dictate but to serve; the Church is not a body that arbitrarily sets the agenda for society at large, but seeks to discern what needs it must meet.
  • While teachers may be "answerable" to parents, in the end teachers have no direct accountability to parents the fact that they should is a discussion for another time.
  • Post subject: How do I find out who my college is "answerable" t
  • My own feeling is that the problem of evil is not an "answerable" question.
  • Philippines-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo is 'answerable' for the 'stinking' $329-million National Broadband