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What is the meaning of antemortem in Hindi?

Meaning of antemortem in Hindi is :

Definition of word antemortem

  • before death (adjective)
    मौत से पहले

Examples of word antemortem

  • Shall I clarify the terms antemortem, perimortem, and postmortem?
  • The odontologist compares recovered dentition to X-rays, handwritten charts, and treatment notes in antemortem records.
  • Had Danny and I made too great a leap when comparing the antemortem and postmortem dental X-rays?
  • Though truncated on the postmortem film, the glob that remained in the molar was nearly identical to the top half of the glob on the antemortem film.
  • We all looked from antemortem to postmortem and back, and back again, comparing details of bony architecture and microstructure.
  • This antemortem inspection is the only test required by the USDA before cattle are sent to slaughter.
  • "If you have antemortem blood that revealed protein-induced vitamin K deficiency, " she replies.
  • I'm not suggesting that that means that it is an antemortem cut.