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What is the meaning of anthropology in Hindi?

Meaning of anthropology in Hindi is : मानवशास्त्र/नृविज्ञान

Definition of word anthropology

  • The holistic scientific and social study of humanity, mainly using ethnography as its method. (noun)

Examples of word anthropology

  • She was a distinguished scientist who held three degrees in anthropology from the University of Chicago, but she was also, according to those who knew her, a courageous and groundbreaking example to other women.
  • After dissecting yet another male-centered anthropological study, she states The great reassessment happening in anthropology is the realization that the complex of behaviors that seem to mark the emergence of highly intelligent Homo are those activities that have always been associated with women: plant gathering and processing, communal resource acquisition and provisioning — including shellfishing.
  • While in the United States the term anthropology is used to name the whole subject, in Europe the name ethnology is applied.
  • While earning her degree in anthropology from the University of California, Los Angeles, and her accreditation in photography, she continued to visit Mexico, falling in love with its dense rainforests, crystal-blue waters, never-ending deserts, and the people that inhabit them - and the food they eat.
  • In these critical passages, it is not clear why he didn't respect what he called anthropology more highly as an empirical study of the mind, given that he himself did it.


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