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What is the meaning of antic in Hindi?

Meaning of antic in Hindi is : हंसी योग्य

Definition of word antic

  • Grotesque, incongruous. (adjective)
  • A grotesque representation of a figure; a gargoyle. (noun)
  • To perform antics. (verb)

Examples of word antic

  • A week without another nutcase Republican antic is like a day without sunshine.
  • Brun, the Swiss observed, that it was un beau morceau, and Mr. Pallet replied, — “Yes, yes, one may see with half an eye, that it can be the production of no other; for Bomorso’s style both in colouring and drapery, is altogether peculiar: then his design is tame, and his expression antic and unnatural.
  • In all those instances, the campaigns adopt an approach that could be described as antic whimsy, offering over-the-top statements that are delivered with a straight face - and tongue planted firmly in cheek.
  • I guess I don't know too much about his off-stage "antic" if he had them, but I figure he didn't do all that much entertaining activity that anyone knows about.
  • It's not just her physical similarity to Garland, though her eyes are googly, her teeth are goofy, and when she crosses her hotel bedroom it is with just the right kind of antic scuttle.
  • That's the kind of antic moment you get out of the best pulp.
  • And they had a great camaraderie and a boyish kind of antic, you know, went on all the time when they were together.
  • In a poem called "A Short Lexicon of Torture in the Eighties," for example, Hirsch strings together the euphemistic names for methods of torture, fashioning a kind of antic dance step, meant to expose the dark side of Reagan-era prosperity.