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What is the meaning of antics in Hindi?

Meaning of antics in Hindi is : हरकतें

Definition of word antics

  • Plural form of antic. (noun)
  • Third-person singular simple present indicative form of antic. (verb)

Examples of word antics

    • But for this movie, where a high school basketball star gets into all of these and then miraculously reverts back to his age of 17 with some weird antics is bound to be a comedy that everyone will be talking about.
    • Our mutual dislike of PETA and it's inane antics is the One True Thing (besides liking guns) that Unites us.
    • There's another montage of all of the slap-happy antics from the season (Tim's woolly balls, Casanova's sluts and old ladies, Peach's good china) and, to balance that out, one of all of the crying.
    • Watching the Journal run through its one-sided antics is no different than observing the rest of our out-of-stream mainstream media.
    • Expect off-the-wall antics from the Gemini and Scorpio team who has teamed up with Rubulad, the art collective for a night of funk music, absinthe and more.
    • It's no surprise that Ronda Storms, who has made the news with her anti-gay tirades and other crazy-ass antics, is behind this patently unconstitutional stunt; she's probably jealous that Michele Bachmann is getting all of the national attention as the current right-wing nutball and she wants to get in on the action.