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What is the meaning of antimony in Hindi?

Meaning of antimony in Hindi is : सुरमा

Definition of word antimony

  • A chemical element (symbol Sb) with an atomic number of 51. The symbol is derived from Latin stibium. (noun)
  • The alloy stibnite (noun)

Examples of word antimony

    • The name antimony is derived from the Greek words anti and monos, which together mean not alone, because it rarely occurs naturally in pure form.
    • The dictionaries define the substance as a stone from which antimony is prepared, but the Arabs understand a semi-mythical mineral of yellow colour which enters into the veins of the eyes and gives them Iynx-like vision.
    • "We found a chemical called antimony, which is a metal which has potential health hazards related to it," GoodGuide Co-Founder Dara O'Rourke said.
    • However, these toxic metals are necessary in producing colors, such as antimony, which is used for white color, and barium, which is for green.
    • One use of antimony, which is declining, is to make type metal for printing newspapers and magazines.


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