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What is the meaning of antiquated in Hindi?

Meaning of antiquated in Hindi is : प्राचीन

Definition of word antiquated

  • old-fashioned, out of date (adjective)

Examples of word antiquated

  • Caterpillar, based in Peoria, Ill., wants to cut wages roughly in half at the Ontario factory, so it will be "cost competitive in the global marketplace," while ending what it calls "antiquated work rules" that limit production flexibility.
  • The chamber report also called for revamping what it called the "antiquated" organizational structure of the commission.
  • You talk verbosely in antiquated terminology of your love of liberty, and all the while you wear the scarlet livery of the Iron Heel. '
  • Except to a certain antiquated ideology embraced in biology, which apparently has to be protected in academia by an 'orthodox' priesthood and imposed on society by force of law.
  • We would prefer that the kill had been achieved without putting British lives at risk in antiquated aircraft, but now is not the time to be churlish.


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